Maintenance Notice - Nov.18


Hi, Badlanders!

To provide a better gaming experience for you, we will conduct a server maintenance and game update on November 18th, 10:30am (GMT+8).

During the maintenance, you can join the combat as usual. However, some in-game functions will be temporarily unavailable and you cannot create new roles.

Thank you for your active participation in this test of Badlanders and your valuable feedback.


The following are the update details:

[New Additions]

1. A Mission system has been added, which includes the following contents:

 - Daily missions, complete the missions to accumulate active points, and get a weekly reward of 35 Cashpoints.

 - Weekly missions, complete weekly missions to obtain all kinds of rare item rewards.

2. Destroyable wooden doors have been added, and have replaced the doors in some buildings.

3. A new display of escape points on the tactical map has been added.



1. The display rules of remaining cells in Warehouse has been optimised.

2. When submiting items to missions, now the default amount is set to max.

3. The display effects and interactions of some interfaces ingame has been optimised.

4. The experience of returning items to teammates has been optimised. Now the returned guns won't be taken apart.

5. The algorithm of recommended list price in Auction has been optimised, preventing situations of giving abnormal high prices.

6. The display logic of items arranged by CE and price has been optimised.



1. The problem of comsumables still being in use when the player is defeated while using has been fixed.

2. The problem of abnormal display in some interfaces has been fixed.