Maintenance Notice - Nov. 25


Hi, Badlanders!

To provide a better gaming experience for you, we will conduct a server maintenance and game update on November 25th, 10:30am (UTC+8).

During the maintenance, you can join the combat as usual. However, some in-game functions will be temporarily unavailable and you cannot create new roles.

Thank you for your active participation in this test of Badlanders and your valuable feedback.


The following are the update details:


[Thanksgiving Feast]

A 2-week Thanksgiving event will be on after this maintenance!

During the event, there will be 4 preparation phases for the Thanksgiving feast, which will be on Nov.25th - Nov.26th, Nov.27th - Nov.30th, Dec.1st - Dec.4th and Dec.5th - Dec.8th.(GMT+8)


--Event Description--

During the event, players can obtain ingredients in different ways for cooking and submit Thanksgiving dishes to prepare for the Thanksgiving feast. The preparation progress of the feast is shared by all players. When you cook and submit dishes, a reward of [Contribution] and [Thanksgiving Maple] can be obtained.

During the preparation of each phase, players will be ranked according to their contribution. Players can receive ranking rewards at the end of the feast. When the new phase of preparation begins, the contribution of the previous phase will be cleared and the ranking will restart.

The Thanksgiving ingredient [Steak] obtained by players will be automatically converted into [Thanksgiving Maple] at the ratio of 1:1 at 0:00 everyday(GMT+8).

After the event ends at 24:00 on Dec.8th(GMT+8), the ingredient [Truffle],  [Cheese] and [Maple Sugar] will be automatically converted into ingame cash at the ratio of 1:100.


--Reward Redeem--

The Thanksgiving Redeem Shop will be open during Nov.25th - Dec.15th(GMT+8). Players can use [Thanksgiving Maple] to exchange for Thanksgiving Backpack, Thanksgiving Mark avatar and other rare items.

During the period of Dec.9th - Dec.15th(GMT+8), [Thanksgiving Maple] will be on the store for needing players.

After the Thanksgiving Redeem Shop is closed, all unused [Thanksgiving Maple] will be automatically converted into ingame Cash at the ratio of 1:100.


[New Additions]

1. 3-day Bonus has been added to the Missions system, obtain up to 200 Cashpoint by completing missions for 3 continuous days.

2. A tips on craftable items for materials has been added, and a shortcut to the manufacture interface has been added.

3. A function of showing selling prices of identical items while listing the item in Auction has been added.

4. Footsteps sounds of players moving on outdoor concrete grounds and roads has been added in order to distinguish from the current footstep sounds on outdoor dirt grounds.



1. The network connection in some regions has been optimised.

2. The tactical map display of mark points and espace points when they overlap has been optimised.

3. The interval of play cycles of the lobby BGM has been optimised.

4. The interactions and display of some interfaces has been optimised.



1. The problem of abnormal ground color on some terrains has been fixed.

2. The problem of Life Monitoring on scopes continuously showing damage dealt by meds players take has been fixed.

3. The problem of the frequency of Powerful Brake depending on the tapping speed has been fixed, giving it a CD of 1s.

4. The problem of the revive bar continueing when the reviver is knocked down during the revival has been fixed.

5. The problem of occasional free look button (the little eye) disappearance has been fixed.

6. The problem of occasional indoor objects display malfunction on iPhone12 has been fixed.