Maintenance Notice - Dec.23


Merry Christmas, Badlanders!

Thank you for your active participation in this test of Badlanders and your valuable feedback.

We will conduct a maintenance at 10:00(UTC+8) on Dec.23rd, 2020 in which the server will be unavailable and the maintenance will take about 1 hour.

[Important Note]: The current client will be unavailable after this maintenance and an update at the app store is required. If you're using a GUEST ACCOUNT to access the game, DO NOT DELETE the old client. Go to the app store and update directly to prevent losing your account.

After this maintenance, a brand new Christmas version will arrive, containing Christmas Event, new map, FPP mode, Firearm Camouflages and lots of brand new game contents.

The following are the update details:


[Snowy Christmas Event]

1. Christmas event is now on and lasts from Dec.23rd, 2020 after maintenance to Jan.5th, 2021 24:00 (UTC+8).

2. During the event, sign-in rewards can be collected by logging in cumulatively. Festival item [Christmas Pinecones] can be obtained by finishing missions. From Jan.6th to Jan.12th(UTC+8), the Store will limitedly sell [Christmas Pinecones].

3. From Dec.23rd to Jan.12th(UTC+8), you can use [Christmas Pinecones] to redeem the Skin of Christmas Camouflage and other materials.

4. After the redeem event, all unused [Christmas pinecones] will be automatically converted into ingame Cash at a ratio of 1:100.

5. Christmas limited Skin [Santa Rider] is on sale at the Store, and the sale will last from Dec.23rd,2020 to Jan.22nd,2021.


[New Map - Red Beach Base]

1. The map [Red Beach Base] is open for tests. The match opened for this test corresponds to the difficulty of "Agent Call". This map will be fixed to Solo FPP mode.

2. The [Red Beach Base Event] will last from Dec.23rd, 2020 after maintenance to Jan.19th, 2021 24:00 (UTC+8). Complete missions during the event to obtain the festival item [Silver Bullets].

3. From Dec.23rd to Jan.26th(UTC+8), specific firearm camouflages and other rare items can be redeemed with [Silver Bullets].

4. After the redemption is finished, all unused [Silver Bullets] will be automatically converted into ingame Cash at a ratio of 1:100.

(Note: The new map and FPP is currently a test version. If you encounter any problems during the game, we thank you for your understanding and timely feedback.


[New System - Firearm Camouflages]

1. A new [Firearm Camouflage] function has been added. You can now preview or unlock various weapon Camouflages in Skin - Weapons.

2. A new [Paint] manufacture function has been added. The Workshop will now open for the manufacture of Firearm Camouflage unlocking items.

3. New drop of Firearm Camouflage related materials in the map, which can now be obtained in every gamemode.

4. A new tap of [Paint] in Auction has been added. Paint materials can now be traded in Auction.

(Note: Three Firearm Camouflages, [Grevyi], [SteelBlue] and [Christmas] will be released this time. The camouflage is only effective in the owner's inventory. Other players picking up the weapon won't obtain the camouflage effect. Each unlocked Camouflage effect is permanent, and can be freely switched.)


[New Additions]

1. A new FPP mode has been added. The mode is currently only tested in the new map [Red Beach Base]. If you encounter any problems during the game, we thank you for your understanding and timely feedback.

2. A new close-up display of Skin parts in the Skin warehouse has been added. Both Whole view and Close-up cameras can be switched.

3. A new List button on Warehouse items has been added, providing a shortcut to list the item to Auction.

4. A new Facebook friends display has been added. Players using Facebook accounts in the game can now view other Facebook friends playing alongside in the Friends interface, and can add a note name for them.

5. A new Daily Treasure Chest has been added to the Store. Login daily to obtain the 500 Cash reward.



1. The notification mail of stacked items sold in Auction has been adjusted. After this adjustment, the notification mail will now only be sent when the items of the whole Cell are sold. The mail will no longer be sent when not all of the items are sold. When unlisted on the way, the remaining items and income will be returned by mail.

2. The display of 100-mail storage limit has been optimised. After reaching the limit, receiving new mails will be impossible. The mails before the update will not be counted in this limit.

3. The 30-day storage notice for mails has been optimised. Attached content in mails stored for more than 30 days would be unavailable  before this update, but there were no time notice and auto deletion. After this update the deletion time of emails will be shown and will be deleted automatically after the expiration time.

4. The problem that the loot around the player's spawn point are occasionally slow to spawn or need to leave before the spawn has been optimised.

5. The determination of insuring unequipped weapons has been optimised. Now their attachments will be automatically included.

6. The control sensitivity when going ADS has been optimised.

7. The operational accuracy of the combat marker has been optimised so that the position of its marker is now better matched with the position aimed by the crosshair.

8. The display and interactions of some ingame interfaces has been optimised.

9. The time calculation of the Double EXP Card has been optimised. After the change, only the ingame time will be counted and the lobby waiting time won't be counted



1. The problem of occasional abnormal footsteps sound when players stop moving has been fixed.

2. The problem of the mail of insured items getting taken out occasionally being sent repeatedly has been fixed.

3. The problem of players occasionally not succeeding in sharing their battle records has been fixed.


Badlanders Team