Maintenance Notice - Dec.30th


Hi, Badlanders,

To provide a better gaming experience for you, we will conduct a server maintenance and game update on December 30th, 10:30am (UTC+8).

During the maintenance, you can join the combat as usual. However, some in-game functions will be temporarily unavailable and you cannot create new roles.

Thank you for your active participation in this test of Badlanders and your valuable feedback.

The following are the update details:


[New Additions]

1. A new feature of FPP sensitivity settings has been added.

2. 2-player squads are now available in Red Beach Foundation.

3. 4 Skins has been added to Redeem. You can now use Cash to obtain them in Redeem.

4. A new feature of ingame streaming has been added, which currently is only available for Twitch on Android.



1. The return mechanism of Insurance has been optimised. Now, if a player has insured both the gun and its attachments, the attachments will be on the gun when returned.

2. The display rules of escape points have been optimised. Now the escape point will show even if players don't meet the escape requirements, but when entering the escape area, they will be told the unmet escape requirements.

3. The smoothness of going ADS has been optimised. The stutter when going ADS has been reduced.

4. The problem of occasional stutter when spectating in FPP has been optimised.

5. Some ingame tips texts have been optimised, making them more precise and easy to understand.

6. The hit feedback of some objects has been optimised.

7. The charging method of Auction Deposit has been adjusted. Now the Deposit won't be returned when listed items are due.

8. The display range of the minimap in Red Beach Foundation has been adjusted.

9. The carry rules of all paint materials have been adjusted. Now they are no longer able to be put into the backpack or safe after being put into the Warehouse.

10. The display and interactions of some ingame interfaces have been optimised.

11. The problem of some loot floating in Red Beach Foundation has been optimised.



1. The problem of the Escape Info Panel not being dismissed in some cases after the battle start countdown has been fixed.

2. The problem of the List interface not poping up through the List shortcut in Warehouse when the Warehouse is relatively filled.

3. The problem of characters sliding when stopping from a sprint with handguns in FPP mode has been fixed.

4. The problem of the Auction sale income from a stack of high value items not being sent in 1 mail has been fixed.